How to Keep Your Teeth Stong

5 Tips on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy

how keep strong teethStrong teeth are an asset to any individual for sure. But bad habits and a busy life often get in the way and we end up with weak teeth that decay fast.

Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you enjoy strong teeth throughout your life.

Floss Regularly

Research states that flossing your teeth is even more important than brushing your teeth because flossing helps to remove sticky bacteria and plaque that is accumulating in our oral cavities (source). We’re not saying choose flossing over brushing. It’s not either or, but they should be used together.

If plaque is left behind, they generate acid that can result in all sorts of problems such as cavities and even gum disease.

So if you’re somebody who has not been giving priority to flossing your teeth, please do so by starting to floss, you can prevent many oral diseases.

We understand it’s a tough habit to start. Dr. Moradian recommends keeping floss pics on your bathroom cabinet. If you see it, you’ll use it.

Don’t worry, bleeding gums is normal. That’s your gums telling you they are weak. They will stop bleeding after 3-10 days of regular flossing.

Use toothpaste with fluoride

We know that toothpaste that has fluoride should be an ingredient used when brushing teeth. Most dental experts all say that and you are probably well aware of this by now (fluoride study).

Buy a good brand and brush every morning and night. Don’t just rely on the advertisements that promote fancy brands. Ask Dr. Moradian what he recommends for you, especially if you have problems with your teeth. Use the specialized toothpaste to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

You won’t notice a change overnight, but overtime your teeth will become stronger.

Go for regular check-ups

Prevent problems from occurring in the first place. We all procrastinate, but when it comes to the heath of your teeth you should be more mindful.

If you neglect minor cavities, they will become bigger problems and you may even have to have your teeth extracted. This is never a good idea.

Extracted teeth will have to be replaced with an implant or bridge and that can be expensive. Therefore, it’s best to visit a dental clinic once every six months and get your teeth checked.

Brush Diligently

You have to make sure you replace your toothbrush 3 to 4 months or when you notice signs of wear and tear. The cost of a toothbrush in negligible compared to the cost of repairing teeth. Patients have come in and said they brush regularly, but perhaps it’s the toothbrush that isnt reaching those hard to reach crevices.

Choose one that is designed to reach all corners of your mouth. Make it a habit of brushing after every meal if you’re able. Especially after eating sugary food. Brush and clean your teeth so harmful bacteria will not build up inside your mouth. Keep in mind not too brush too hard because that can cause damage to your precious enamel.

If possible, consider getting a bluetooth enabled toothbrush. They connect to your phone and remind you how long and how often you should brush.

Be More Conscious of Food

You know that you really are what you eat so start eating right. Skip the junk food that does no good to you and replace them with healthy and wholesome meals. Your enamel needs to be strong to fight off bacteria.

Calcium in your diet will certainly help your enamel to become stronger. Dairy food, green leafy vegetables and fish with bones are great sources of calcium. Have these a lot throughout the week if your enamel is weak so that you will be able to protect your teeth from decay.